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We want to know the impact you are working to create.

First, here are a few of our assumptions so far.

You want the best for your colleagues - especially in these trying times. You don't want them to live "up to" their full potential, but rather, you want them to live their full potential right now.  You want your organization to not just survive but to thrive.


You're looking for a learning solution that meets the requirements of a landscape that seems to shift every week, is tailored to your performance goals, addresses skill gaps, and enriches your company culture. You want it to be engaging, relevant to your people, and have practical application to daily work life. And, you want something that is fresh and different. If you could get some fun sprinkled in that would be icing on the cake. 



We want to be your learning solutions partner.

We are committed to being the type of partner that provides the learning solution described above. To do so, we want to know what your goals are, what your people need to succeed, and what impact you are working to create. 

Viola Spolin, the Godmother of Improvisational Theater, once said, “Without the other player, there is no game. We cannot play tag if there is no one to tag us.” The way we see it, our clients are the “other players” we get to “play tag” with. 


To learn more about our approach of using the tenets and techniques of improvisational theater as an experiential learning methodology give us a call so we can play tag together!

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Brian Rolnick-Fox, Founder, CEO, and Chief Learning Evangelist


Phone: 617-620-5293

Want to learn more? 

Contact us by phone or email by clicking that button right there. 

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