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Learning that meets your needs. 


Some program titles include:

  • Virtual Communication: Energizing Your Meetings

  • Improving Teamwork: Pulling Together to Move Forward

  • Breaking Down Department Silos: Creating More Cooperation

  • Advancing Adaptability: Thinking on Your Feet Fearlessly

  • Enhancing Executive Presence: Fostering Followership 

  • Powering Up Presentation Skills: Imparting Influence

  • Bolstering Business Storytelling: Connecting and Conveying on Point 

  • Employing Empathy: Learning to Truly Listen

  • Custom programs to fit your needs

On a Video Call

Nimble Learning Strategies offers a variety of virtual and in-person learning experiences.

Our offerings are flexible so we can meet your learning goals whether in-person or virtual. We can ...

  • Bring an Engaging, Interactive and Fun Keynote to Your Conference

  • Serve as an MC for Your Conference or as a Moderator for Your Panel Discussion

  • Deliver Short-term Learning Programs 

  • Coach Your Leaders and/or Their Teams

  • Design Extended Learning Journeys

We customize every program to fit your needs!

Through a comprehensive needs analysis, sound instructional design, and dynamic facilitation skills, we develop and deliver improv-based learning that maps to the skill gaps your professionals are working to close.

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