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Nimble Learning Strategies is an uncommon corporate education firm that uses the tenets and techniques of improvisational theater as an experiential learning methodology.


Through our comprehensive needs analysis, sound instructional design, and dynamic facilitation skills, we develop and deliver improv-based learning that maps to the skill gaps your professionals are trying to close.


 As a result, individuals, teams and leaders, change how they communicate, collaborate and lead. They experience one or more of:

  • Feeling more confident to lead and more comfortable to follow;

  • Being more specific with intentions, expectations and requests;

  • Assuming positive intent and improving active listening skills;

  • Developing team cohesiveness;

  • Building more powerful relationships with colleagues and clients;

  • Getting more done!


PS - Just to be crystal clear – we use improv techniques not for comedic or theatrical outcomes but to support your leaders and their teams to improve communication, enhance collaboration and sharpen leadership. No prior experience with improvisation is necessary. We create a safe environment to explore, risk, learn, grow and have fun! 

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