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Nimble Learning Strategies

Helping organizations move forward with

more courage, flexibility and empowerment.


This moment - and the future of work - requires more from us than ever before. 

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We can help.


We work with individuals, teams and leaders to strengthen their skills and instincts so they can be more:

  • Adaptive, 

  • Courageous, 

  • Resilient, 

  • Engaging, 

  • Empowering,

  • Inclusive,

  • Creative, and

  • Relationship-driven.


In strengthening the individual and the team, the organization increases:

  • Engagement,

  • Trust,

  • Inclusion,

  • Retention,

  • Agility,

  • Innovation, and

  • Growth.

About You
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Nimble Learning Strategies is an uncommon corporate education firm that uses the tenets and techniques of improvisational theater as a form of experiential learning. We help executives and HR leaders close the gap in communication, collaboration and leadership skills by offering a fresh approach to professional development that is practical, easy to apply, and a lot of fun along the way.


The potency of improvisational theater’s main tenets – acceptance, adaptability and action – can help anyone in your organization more effectively communicate, collaborate and lead, whether in-person or working virtually from home.


Our promise is that your people will experience the same elation from improv that we do while walking away with new skills. They’ll be learning and laughing together. 

Our Approach

 Our approach is unique. Truly.

How We Help You

The types of people who benefit from our improv-based programs and coaching are: 

  • C-Level executives who want to build engaging followership with their employees, 

  • Directors who want to foster better collaboration across departments,

  • Managers who want to develop deeper team cohesion,

  • Salespeople who want to take their client relations skills from good to great, 

  • Subject matter experts who want to communicate their expertise with confidence, or

  • Early career professionals who need to level up their business acumen.

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How We Help You
Why Improv Works

Improv Is No Joke!

More and more Fortune 500 companies, top-tier business schools, and other organizations are applying improv to the workplace. From hospitality to healthcare and from the military to manufacturing, organizations of all sizes are learning that the principles of improvisation offer lessons about being flexible, taking risks, strengthening teamwork, and bolstering creative problem-solving, which all lead to improved communication, collaboration and leadership. 


Don’t Take Our Word For It

If you’re curious about the power of improv we’ve curated a library of articles from top publications, such as Forbes, Inc., The Atlantic, Science Magazine, and others. 

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